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Colder Cooling Water

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More Performance Without Increasing Structure or Footprint

Phelps Engineering specializes in improving the performance of industrial cooling towers, and has accomplished that with our propriety designs for more than 45 years.

Cooling Tower Upgrading

Phelps Engineering has specialized in the upgrade of cooling towers for over 45 years. We have designs for the upgrade of both crossflow and counterflow towers. Our upgrades normally get between a 3º and 5º F improvement in cooling water temperatures. More…

New Tower or Add Cells

Because we are able to pack so much performance in a tight space and because our best upgrades are in more vertically oriented crossflow towers we are able to get more performance from a smaller footprint than other towers, either crossflow or counterflow.  more…

Consulting & Bid Analysis

We have provided consulting to some of the largest companies in the country for all aspects of cooling tower operations.  These have included performance questions as well operations questions, and government regulatory questions.  We have also written cooling tower best practices manuals. More…


Cooling Tower Testing

Phelps Engineering helped write the Cooling Technology Institute test code. We can perform tests to see how your tower now stands as far as performance. We can do this to get a baseline performance point as well as monitor a tower’s performance over time.

Performance Optimization

Phelps engineering can optimize an existing cooling tower to enhance the unit’s capacity and/or efficiency. This can include new or enhanced fill material, variations in spray nozzles and add additional cells to an existing layout. More…

Cooling Tower Repair

We provide repair services in the course of doing an upgrade. Should we find areas of the cooling tower that are in need of repair we point them out to you and provide a cost for making the repairs. You have the option of doing the repairs with us while the tower is being upgraded or doing them at some other time that fits your schedule or budget. More…

Water Conservation

A 50,000 GPM cooling can have over 1,000 GPM for make-up requirements, or about 1.5 million gallons/day, and that does not include blow down.  There are alternatives to using ‘city water’ and there are ways to cut your water usage regardless of the source.

Case Studies

A large Gulf Coast chemical company found that they could save $500,000 a year for each degree they could lower their cooling temperatures.  They asked us how much we improve their tower with an upgrade so they could take advantage of this savings. More…


Find out the answers to most common questions about our services. More…

Past Projects:

Below is a partial listing of some of Phelps Engineering Company’s more notable installations.

The 14 cell tower (Phelps) at the top performs at 100% of specified design capability. The 18 cell tower in the middle, tested at 82% of design and the 16 cell tower at the bottom tested at 84%. This is the only known site where three different tower designs operate side-by-side under identical heat loads, thus yielding empiric results about Phelps Engineering Company’s design and performance capabilities
This ethylene service cooling tower was upgraded with a Phelps design. No increase in fan HP. No add cells. Circulating water temperatures at design conditions were reduced 3.5°F.

Gulf Coast RefineryA Gulf Coast refinery had a very profitable unit that was being constrained by high cooling water temperatures.  We upgraded their 6 cell cooling tower and brought their temperatures down by 3.7˚ F which greatly improved production.

Original tower manufacturer sold this new tower at 88% capability. That manufacturer’s solution was to add another 73’x60′ concrete cell + another 40′ diameter fan at 253 HP. The power company selected Phelps to install a supplemental design to the as-sold tower. Phelps achieved 100% performance capability for the coal-fired generating unit

A refinery cooling tower in the southwest being upgraded with one of our designs.
Twin 250 MW generating units. The OEM’s original 11 cell tower on left collapsed and was replaced by Phelps Engineering Company with a 9 cell tower. Independent testing confirmed Phelps 9 cell tower outperformed the 11 cell tower on right by 10%, or 35% per cell.

Exceeding customer expectations

At Phelps Engineering Company, earning our customers trust is vital. Customer feedback and continual improvement start with trying to think of things from our client’s perspective.

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