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field erected cooling tower engineering

Phelps Engineering Company has been in cooling tower upgrade business since 1970 and is privately held. The company is engaged in improving the performance of cooling towers through our cooling tower upgrade designs.  We install the designs and guarantee the results. Phelps Engineering Company has an established track record of successfully meeting thermal performance, and completing projects on time and within budget.

The strength of Phelps Engineering Company resides in its vast expertise in all areas of cooling towers and the markets served by cooling towers, assuring performance capability.

Phelps Engineering Company has long identified the need to upgrade or debottleneck cooling towers where owners desire greater through-put or lower energy costs, all at maximum efficiency. This need has been especially pronounced in recent years with regard to resource demand competing with capital and maintenance budgets. Our skills and insights developed in the petrochemical markets translate well into the development and management of cooling tower projects that are critical to achieving desired objectives and goals, particularly for older production units.

Phelps Engineering Company has been involved in the development, construction and upgrade activities for cooling towers for the refining, chemical and power markets.


  • Upgrading
  • New Towers or Add Cells for Tight Spaces
  • Consulting and Bid Analysis
  • Testing
  • Water Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Repairs


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