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Cooling Tower Performance Optimization

Optimize and Troubleshoot Cooling Tower to improve its Energy Efficiency and Performance!

Having us provide colder water may only be part of your requirements.  You may have critical exchangers that aren’t getting enough flow while less important exchanger are robbing flow.  We work with an award winning piping optimization company that can survey your field piping, measure the flows, model the system, optimize the system, and install the piping or pump changes.  Together, colder water and getting it to those areas needing it the most, can really optimize your cooling system.


  • Upgrading
  • New Towers or Add Cells for Tight Spaces
  • Consulting and Bid Analysis
  • Testing
  • Water Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Repairs

Past Projects:

Below is a partial listing of some of Phelps Engineering Company’s more notable installations.

Southern Chemical

This ethylene service cooling tower was upgraded with a Phelps design. No increase in fan HP. No add cells. Circulating water temperatures at design conditions were reduced 3.5°F.

Southwest Power

The 14 cell tower (Phelps) at the top performs at 100% of specified design capability. The 18 cell tower in the middle, tested at 82% of design and the 16 cell tower at the bottom tested at 84%. This is the only known site where three different tower designs operate side-by-side under identical heat loads, thus yielding empiric results about Phelps Engineering Company’s design and performance capabilities

Eastern Chemical

Water temperatures at design conditions were reduced 3.4°F. Existing fill was re-used in combination with Phelps proprietary fill design that maximized air-side capability in combination with re-distributed hydraulic