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Cooling Tower Repair

We'll Keep Your Cooling Tower Systems Running Well, Lasting Longer & Saving Energy

Cooling Tower Repairs

We provide repair services in the course of doing an upgrade. Should we find areas of the cooling tower that are in need of repair we point them out to you and provide a cost for making the repairs. You have the option of doing the repairs with us while the tower is being upgraded or doing them at some other time that fits your schedule or budget. These repairs can range from framing repairs to air moving equipment replacement to hot water deck repairs or any other part of the tower.

Increase Tower Efficiency

Boost Profitability

Ensure Safety & Longevity


  • Upgrading
  • New Towers or Add Cells for Tight Spaces
  • Consulting and Bid Analysis
  • Testing
  • Water Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Repairs

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