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what is a cooling tower

Phelps Stack-Pack Cooling Tower Fill

Most Effective Fill Design Available – Turnkey Installation

New Stack-Pack Crossflow Tower Advantages

VS. Counterflow Towers

Superior Thermal Performance

  • Approximately 25-50% Smaller Size
  • Performance Is Superior At Off-Peak Wet Bulbs
  • Less Affected at Reduced Water Flow
  • Less Performance Loss if Random Nozzles Are
  • obstructed as by Scale, Algae, etc.


Upgrades / Conversions

  • 25% – 50% Increase in Cooling Capability Even With Newly Replaced Splash¬†Fill
  • Typically 3F – 5F Colder Water
  • Above at No Increase in Fan Horsepower
  • Clean Operating Film Fill. As Much as 2″ Between Fill Sheets. Unlike 1/2″ to 3/4″ Fills
  • Film Fill Compatible with All Splash Fills


Fill Systems Resists Fouling

  • Fill Design Operates Cleanly Enough to Also be in Service in Sewage Treatment Applications.
  • Heavy Water Flow Continually Flushes System
  • Years of Clean Operation in Refinery¬†Applications
  • Years of Clean Operation with Untreated Makeup

Low Maintenance

  • Water Distribution System Easily Accessible
  • Minimal Ice Formation Due to Heavy Water Flow Adjacent to Air Inlet Louvers.

New Cooling Towers:

Approximately 25-50% Smaller Than Film Filled Counterflow Cooling Towers.


Crossflow Upgrades:

Easy Installation In Existing Cells. Increase Tower Capability By 25-50%


Counterflow Conversions:

Outperform Film Filled Counterflow Cooling Towers By As Much AS 25%



  • Upgrading
  • New Towers or Add Cells for Tight Spaces
  • Consulting and Bid Analysis
  • Testing
  • Water Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Repairs


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